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J Clin Neurosci. 2003 May;10(3):371-4.

Theta oscillation in the anterior cingulate and beta-1 oscillation in the medial temporal cortices: a human case report.

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Department of Sleep Disorders Research, Tokyo Institute of Psychiatry, 156-8585 Tokyo, Japan.


In previous studies we observed gamma (30-150 Hz) and beta-1 (10-20 Hz) oscillations in the medial temporal lobe (MTL) using subdural electrodes. The beta-1 was present during wake and REM sleep while gamma was present in all states. Recently we studied a patient (35 years M) with electrodes attached to the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC). This structure showed regular theta (5-6 Hz) oscillations. In the first recording, electrodes were attached to the MTL, that demonstrated the beta-1 and gamma oscillations. Two months later, electrodes were placed on orbitofrontal and ACC and an all night sleep recording was carried out. The ACC exhibited a highly regular and continuous theta oscillation during wakefulness and REM sleep, but not during NREM sleep. Since this same subject showed beta-1 oscillations in the MTL, it is probable that the theta in the ACC is independent of beta-1 in the MTL. This single case suggests the existence of two different frequency oscillators in the human limbic system. Elucidating their functional roles will be an interesting challenge for future studies.

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