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Scand J Med Sci Sports. 2003 Jun;13(3):159-68.

Recovery of skeletal muscle contractility and hormonal responses to strength exercise after two weeks of high-volume strength training.

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The Norwegian University of Sport and Physical Education, PO Box 4014 US, N-0806 Oslo, Norway, Hormone Laboratory, Aker Hospital, N-0514 Oslo, Norway.


Exercise induced neuromuscular fatigue, recovery and hormonal responses were studied before (R1) and after (R2) 2 weeks of heavy strength training. Seventeen weight-trained male students were recruited into a heavy training group (HT, n = 10) and a control group (n = 7). During heavy training HT exercised leg extensors every day while control group exercised twice a week. Test workouts (R1 and R2) were used to induce neuromuscular fatigue and hormonal responses. Acute fatigue after the test workouts was reduced after heavy training in the HT group (P < 0.05) but not in the control group. Twenty-two hrs after the test workouts recovery from fatigue was not complete before heavy training, but recovery was complete after heavy training in both groups. The relative change in exercise induced cortisol and GH response, from before to after heavy training, was significantly different between groups, but for both hormones alterations in the control groups response was responsible for the between groups difference. IGF-1 concentration was reduced 22 h after the test workout performed after heavy training in the HT group (P < 0.05). In conclusion, two weeks of high volume strength training attenuated neuromuscular fatigue after a test workout with only minor changes in exercised induced hormone response.

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