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Med Sci Sports. 1976 Spring;8(1):14-7.

Aerobic requirements and maximum aerobic power in treadmill and track running.


Treadmill and track running comparisons were made on eight track athletes. Oxygen uptake (VO2) during steady-state and maximum aerobic power (VO2 max) were measured in a discrete series of three speeds, and at maximal effort. Running speeds were always in sequence from slowest to fastest. Expired air was collected from the runner by the Douglas-bag method, and analyzed by the Lloyd-Haldane technique. Neither VO2 max nor aerobic requirements of running were significantly different in track and treadmill determinations. There were several correlations: 1) VO2 max with body weight (r = .83 P less than .02), 2) treadmill and track determinations of VO2 max (r = .95, P less than .01) and 3) VO2 ml/kg with running velocity m/min (r = .91, P less than .01) where the regression was linear and may be represented by the equation Y = 5.36 + 0.172X, where Syx = 2.7 m102/kg. It is concluded that treadmill determinations of oxygen uptake may be validly applied to track running in calm air within the range of 180...260 m/min.

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