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Circulation. 2003 May 20;107(19):2453-8. Epub 2003 Apr 28.

Accumulation of ultrasmall superparamagnetic particles of iron oxide in human atherosclerotic plaques can be detected by in vivo magnetic resonance imaging.

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Department of Radiology, University Hospital Maastricht, Peter Debyelaan 25, 6229 HX Maastricht, PO Box 5800, 6202 AZ Maastricht, The Netherlands.



One of the features of high-risk atherosclerotic plaques is a preponderance of macrophages. Experimental studies with hyperlipidemic rabbits have shown that ultrasmall superparamagnetic particles of iron oxide (USPIOs) accumulate in plaques with a high macrophage content and that this induces magnetic resonance (MR) signal changes. The purpose of our study was to investigate whether USPIO-enhanced MRI can also be used for in vivo detection of macrophages in human plaques.


MRI was performed on 11 symptomatic patients scheduled for carotid endarterectomy before and 24 (n=11) and 72 (n=5) hours after administration of USPIOs (Sinerem) at a dose of 2.6 mg Fe/kg. Histological and electron microscopical analyses of the plaques showed USPIOs primarily in macrophages within the plaques in 10 of 11 patients. Histological analysis showed USPIOs in 27 of 36 (75%) of the ruptured and rupture-prone lesions and 1 of 14 (7%) of the stable lesions. Of the patients with USPIO uptake, signal changes in the post-USPIO MRI were observed by 2 observers in the vessel wall in 67 of 123 (54%) and 19 of 55 (35%) quadrants of the T2*-weighted MR images acquired after 24 and 72 hours, respectively. For those quadrants with changes, there was a significant signal decrease of 24% (95% CI, 33% to 15%) in regions of interest in the images acquired after 24 hours, whereas no significant signal change was found after 72 hours.


Accumulation of USPIOs in macrophages in predominantly ruptured and rupture-prone human atherosclerotic lesions caused signal decreases in the in vivo MR images.

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