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Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2003 Apr 25;304(1):107-12.

Multiple levels of interactions within the tetraspanin web.

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INSERM U268, Institut André Lwoff, Hôpital Paul Brousse, 94807, Villejuif Cedex, France.


The tetraspanin web refers to a network of molecular interactions involving tetraspanins and other molecules. Inside the tetraspanin web, small primary complexes containing only one tetraspanin and one specific partner molecule such as CD151/alpha3beta1 integrin and CD9/CD9P-1 (FPRP) can be observed under particular conditions. Here we demonstrate that when cells are lysed with Brij97, the tetraspanins CD151 and CD9 allow and/or stabilize the interaction of their partner molecules with other tetraspanins and that their two partners associate under conditions maintaining tetraspanin/tetraspanin interactions. The tetraspanins were also found to partition into a detergent-resistant membrane environment to which the integrin alpha3beta1 was relocalized upon expression of CD151.

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