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Eur J Clin Pharmacol. 2003 Apr;58(12):791-4. Epub 2003 Feb 26.

Differences in flurbiprofen pharmacokinetics between CYP2C9*1/*1, *1/*2, and *1/*3 genotypes.

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Division of Pharmacotherapy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7360, Chapel Hill, USA.



This study was conducted to examine differences in flurbiprofen metabolism among individuals with the CYP2C9*1/*1, *1/*2, and *1/*3 genotypes.


Fifteen individuals with the CYP2C9*1/*1 ( n=5), *1/*2 ( n=5), and *1/*3 ( n=5) genotypes received a single 50-mg oral dose of flurbiprofen. Plasma and urine samples were collected over 24 h, and flurbiprofen and 4'-hydroxyflurbiprofen pharmacokinetic data were compared across genotypes.


CYP2C9 genotype was a significant predictor of flurbiprofen metabolism and accounted for 59% of the variability in flurbiprofen AUC(0- infinity ), and approximately 50% of the variability in flurbiprofen oral clearance, formation clearance to 4'-hydroxyflurbiprofen, and the 0 to 24-h urinary metabolic ratio of flurbiprofen to 4'-hydroxyflurbiprofen. Flurbiprofen AUC(0- infinity )was significantly higher and all measures of flurbiprofen clearance were significantly lower in the CYP2C9*1/*3 individuals than in those with *1/*1. Significant differences in these parameters were not detected between *1/*2 subjects and *1/*1 subjects.


CYP2C9 genotype is a significant predictor of flurbiprofen disposition in humans by altering CYP2C9-mediated metabolism and reducing systemic clearance. The effects are most pronounced in individuals carrying the *3 allele.

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