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Int J Dermatol. 2003 Apr;42(4):302-4.

CO2 laser therapy in a case of steatocystoma multiplex with prominent nodules on the face and neck.

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Department of Dermatological Sciences, University of Florence, Florence, Italy.



Steatocystoma multiplex is an uncommon disorder which usually begins in adolescence or early adult life. The condition can be hereditary, as an autosomal dominant trait, or nonhereditary, as in this case.


A 40-year-old woman presented with a history of asymptomatic nodules that began around puberty on the face. There was no family history of similar lesions. Clinical examination revealed multiple nodules distributed on the face and neck. The histopathologic examination of a biopsy specimen showed the typical features of steatocystoma multiplex. CO2 laser therapy without anesthesia was employed, and the contents were evacuated by squeezing the cysts with a pair of forceps.


Very good results were obtained with rapid healing, minimal invasiveness, and without anesthesia. There was no evidence of scar formation and no signs of recurrence at 2-year follow-up.


Different treatments have been reported for steatocystoma multiplex. We consider CO2 laser therapy to be an ideal technique for the treatment of steatocystoma multiplex, especially when the lesions are localized in aesthetically important areas.

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