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Life Sci Space Res. 1976;14:359-62.

On micro-organisms of the stratosphere.

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Institute of Microbiology, USSR Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Moscow, USSR.


The lower parts of the biosphere are well studied since various live beings are found in oceans and at the bottom of large hollows. Contrary to this, we have no data about the upper boundaries of the biosphere. Samples were obtained with the help of specially constructed analysers which were installed in meteorological rockets and reached an altitude of 100 km. With the help of methods completely excluding the possibility of contamination of analysers with outside microflora it became possible to prove that earth microbes carried by air currents are present in the stratosphere. At an altitude of 48-77 km Circinella muscae, Asp. niger, Penicillium notatum were found as well as mycobacterium and micrococcus. The correlation of these cultures with external factors is studied and the weight of one conidium or one cell in isolated micro-organisms is estimated. These investigations will continue.

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