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Drug News Perspect. 2002 Apr;15(3):155-165.

Gene-Expression - Based Responses to Drug Treatment.


Perfect drugs are potent, specific and nontoxic. Many compounds fail because of unexpected toxicity and lack of efficacy in later stages of clinical development. Therefore, more complete knowledge and understanding of the properties of a drug is needed at an earlier stage of drug development. DNA microarrays can yield gene expression profiles from cells or tissues treated with a compound. Such "expression fingerprints" are used in drug discovery for drug target identification and validation and for elucidating the mode of action of novel compounds during lead identification and optimization. Moreover, during drug development, DNA microarrays help in the discovery of new diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers, as well as in the prediction of resistance and toxic side effects. This review aims to assess to what extent the promise of gene expression profiling has already materialized for the different stages of drug discovery and development. (c) 2002 Prous Science. All rights reserved.


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