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Composition of indolealkylamines of Bufo rubescens cutaneous secretions compared to six other Brazilian bufonids with phylogenetic implications.

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Laboratório de Toxinologia, Departamento de Ciências Fisiológicas, Universidade de Brasi;lia, Campus Darcy Ribeiro, DF 70910-900, Brasília, Brazil.


The composition of indolealkylamines of Bufo rubescens cutaneous secretions was compared to those from six other Brazilian bufonids. Skin, parotoid and tibial gland secretions were obtained for analysis by thin-layer chromatography. A triple-quadrupole mass spectrometer was used to confirm the indolealkylamines standards (serotonin, 5-HT; bufotenin, BTN; dehydrobufotenin, DHB and bufotenidin, BTD). We observed clear variation in the composition of indolealkylamines of the cutaneous secretions studied and also between those found in the skin and parotoid gland secretions of the same species. We discuss the utility of indolealkylamines to the phylogeny of this group of toads.

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