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J Natl Med Assoc. 2003 Jan;95(1):95-105.

A report of clinical trial conducted on Toto ointment and soap products.

Author information

  • 1Depqrtment of Medicine, Ogun State University Teaching Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria.



The efficacy of Toto ointment and soap on common skin disorders was tested.


A cohort of Nigerians with common skin conditions such as fungal and bacterial skin infections, scabies, acne vulgaris, and dandruff were selected and followed for a period of 12 weeks. The study is a randomized, comparative, prospective, blinded observational study. Following a placebo run in/wash out period, patients were given either a Toto ointment or soap, or a combination of these, or sulfur ointment alone. Soap use was preferred in patients with Tinea capitis more than patients with any other superficial skin condition for technical reasons--such as ease of application of the soap lather. Expressed preference for either the soap or the cream was at times taken into consideration. Cure rate, adverse drug effects and acceptability of the products were assessed.


Out of the 595 patients with common skin diseases selected for the study, 446 (74.9%) had fungal infections, while 64 (10.8%) had scabies infestation. A total of 47 (7.9%) patients had bacterial skin infections, 36 (6.1%) had acne vulgaris, and two (0.3%) had dandruff. At the end of the treatment period, out of the 129 patients with fungal infections treated with Toto ointment alone, 92 (71.3)% were successfully treated; while 41 (87.2%) out of the 47 patients with scabies were successfully treated with Toto ointment alone. Although few patients were seen with bacterial skin infections during the study period, these patients responded well to the ointment, the soap or a combination of the two. Overall, the combination of Toto ointment and soap had a better clinical success rate on all diseases when compared to sulfur ointment alone. The study has shown the efficacy and tolerability of Toto products (skin ointment and soap) in the management of common skin disorders.


Toto ointment and soap are particularly efficacious in the management of common skin conditions such as fungal and bacterial skin infections, scabies, acne vulgaris and dandruff.

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