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J Proteome Res. 2002 May-Jun;1(3):239-52.

Integrating 'top-down" and "bottom-up" mass spectrometric approaches for proteomic analysis of Shewanella oneidensis.

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Organic and Biological Mass Spectrometry Group, Chemical Sciences Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, P.O. Box 2008, Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37831-6365, USA.


Here we present a comprehensive method for proteome analysis that integrates both intact protein measurement ("top-down") and proteolytic fragment characterization ("bottom-up") mass spectrometric approaches, capitalizing on the unique capabilities of each method. This integrated approach was applied in a preliminary proteomic analysis of Shewanella oneidensis, a metal-reducing microbe of potential importance to the field of bioremediation. Cellular lysates were examined directly by the "bottom-up" approach as well as fractionated via anion-exchange liquid chromatography for integrated studies. A portion of each fraction was proteolytically digested, with the resulting peptides characterized by on-line liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry. The remaining portion of each fraction containing the intact proteins was examined by high-resolution Fourier transform mass spectrometry. This "top-down" technique provided direct measurement of the molecular masses for the intact proteins and thereby enabled confirmation of post-translational modifications, signal peptides, and gene start sites of proteins detected in the "bottom-up" experiments. A total of 868 proteins from virtually every functional class, including hypotheticals, were identified from this organism.

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