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J Proteome Res. 2002 Nov-Dec;1(6):563-8.

High-throughput peptide mass mapping using a microdevice containing trypsin immobilized on a porous polymer monolith coupled to MALDI TOF and ESI TOF mass spectrometers.

Author information

E. O. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Materials Sciences Division, Berkeley, California 94720, USA.


An enzymatic microreactor with a volume of 470 nL has been prepared by immobilizing trypsin on a 10 cm long reactive porous polymer monolith located in a 100 microm i.d. fused silica capillary. This reactor affords suitable degrees of digestion of proteins even after very short residence times of less than 1 min. The performance is demonstrated with the digestion of eight proteins ranging in molecular mass from 2848 to 77 754. The digests were analyzed using mass spectrometry in two modes: off-line MALDI and in-line nanoelectrospray ionization. The large numbers of identified peptides enable a high degree of sequence coverage and positive identification of the proteins. The extent of sequence coverage decreases as the molecular mass of the digested protein increases.

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