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Biochim Biophys Acta. 1976 Mar 18;427(1):107-18.

Primary sequence of the beta-chain of Badger haemoglobin.


Badger (Meles meles) haemoglobin was purified by paper electrophoresis and converted into globin. Chain separation was carried out on a CM-cellulose column in the presence of 8 M urea. The beta-chain was aminoethylated, purified by gel filtration and submitted to tryptic digestion. A fingerprint obtained with the enzymic digests showed 17 distinct ninhydrin-positive spots from which 20 pure peptides were isolated by further electrochromatographic separations. These peptides were sequenced using Dansyl-Edman and Ptc-Edman degradation techniques. The presence of amide residues was confirmed after aminopeptidase M hydrolysis. Taking human haemoglobin beta-chain as a model, the covalent structure could be completely resolved without the help of any further overlapping technique. The following substitutions were noted (badger/human, position): Ala/Pro5, Ser/Ala13, Tyr/Phe41, Asp/Glu43, Ser/Ala70, Glu/Asp73, Lys/Ala76, Asn/His77, Lys/Thr87, Lys/Arg104 and Gln/Pro125. A comparison with other haemoglobin beta-chains already sequenced shows a greater similarity with dog haemoglobin, the only example of beta-chain of known structure in the order of Carnivores.

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