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Dev Cell. 2003 Feb;4(2):265-71.

A time-dependent phase shift in the mammalian unfolded protein response.

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Graduate School of Biostudies, Kyoto University, Kyoto 606-8304, Japan.


Unfolded or misfolded proteins in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) must be refolded or degraded to maintain homeostasis of the ER. The ATF6 and IRE1-XBP1 pathways are important for the refolding process in mammalian cells; activation of these transcriptional programs culminates in induction of ER-localized molecular chaperones and folding enzymes. We show here that degradation of misfolded glycoprotein substrates requires transcriptional induction of EDEM (ER degradation-enhancing alpha-mannosidase-like protein), and that this is mediated specifically by IRE1-XBP1 and not by ATF6. As XBP1 is produced after ATF6 activation, our results reveal a time-dependent transition in the mammalian unfolded protein response: an ATF6-mediated unidirectional phase (refolding only) is followed by an XBP1-mediated bidirectional phase (refolding plus degradation) as the response progresses.

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