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Int J Parasitol. 2003 Jan;33(1):81-8.

A single dose of recombinant Salmonella typhimurium induces specific humoral immune responses against heterologous Eimeria tenella antigens in chicken.

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Molecular Parasitology Department, Humboldt University Berlin, Philippstrasse 13, Germany.


Salmonella typhimurium vaccine strains were used as antigen delivery system for oral immunisation of chickens against two antigens of the coccidian parasite Eimeria tenella. The cDNAs of the known E. tenella proteins, SO7 and TA4, were isolated from total RNA and subcloned into the expression vectors pQE30 and pTECH2. Subcutaneous immunisation of chickens with Escherichia coli-expressed SO7 and TA4 revealed that both proteins were immunogenic. Both cDNAs were subcloned into plasmids of the pTECH2 vector system, which allows them to be expressed as fusion proteins with the highly immunogenic fragment C of the tetanus toxin under control of the anaerobically inducible nirB promoter. Plasmids were introduced into the S. typhimurium vaccine strains SL3261, C5aroD and C5htrA. SDS-PAGE and Western blot analysis revealed expression of both fusion proteins in all strains under anaerobic culture conditions. Three-week-old white leghorn chickens were orally immunised with 10(9) CFU per animal. The stability of the recombinant bacteria was revealed by recovery of viable Salmonella containing the respective plasmids from the liver of the immunised chickens at day 3 after inoculation. Specific serum IgG antibodies against the SO7-or TA4-antigens were detectable by ELISA 2 weeks after oral immunisation and remained for at least 6 weeks, while specific IgA antibodies were restricted to the bile of the birds. All chickens produced serum IgG and IgA to S. typhimurium lipopolysaccharides. Our data show that a single oral inoculation with recombinant S. typhimurium SL3261, C5aroD and C5htrA can induce specific antibody responses to heterologous Eimeria antigens in chickens, suggesting that recombinant Salmonella are a suitable delivery system for vaccines against Eimeria infections.

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