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J Immunol Methods. 2003 Feb;273(1-2):15-27.

The study of CXCR3 and CCR7 pharmacology using [35S]GTPgammaS exchange assays in cell membranes and permeabilized peripheral blood lymphocytes.

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Department of Immunology, Schering-Plough Research Institute, K15 E307C-3945, Kenilworth, NJ 07033-0539, USA.


The GTPgammaS exchange assay is a functional model corresponding to the first step of G protein-coupled receptor activation. We provide simple methodologies and controls for setting up GTPgammaS exchange assays in both cell membranes and permeabilized peripheral blood lymphocytes. Specifically, we use guanosine 5'-[35S]triphospate ([35S]GTPgammaS) exchange, in concert with radioligand binding assays, to assess the expression and function of two chemokine receptors important in the trafficking of T lymphocytes: CXCR3 and CCR7. The studies presented here illustrate the utility of GTPgammaS exchange assays in the study of chemokine receptor pharmacology.

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