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Cell Tissue Res. 1976 Feb 27;166(4):427-43.

Cytoplasmic actomyosin fibrils in tissue culture cells: direct proof of contractility by visualization of ATP-induced contraction in fibrils isolated by laser micro-beam dissection.


A special cell line derived from a rat mammary adenocarcinoma (RMCD cells) displays a distinct pattern of actomyosin fibrils (AM fibrils) visible with phase contrast, Nomarski interference and polarized light optics. It was shown that the cytoplasmic AM fibrils are arranged as bundles of highly parallel F-actin filaments. The chimical nature of the filaments was identified by incubation with heavy meromyosin from rabbit skeletal muscle. These cytoplasmic actomyosin fibrils actively contract under isotonic conditions. This was shown by contraction experiments under polarized light optics, by cinematographic analysis and by direct proof of the contractility of AM fibrils isolated by laser micro-dissection. Thus, cytoplasmic AM fibrils can be assumed to represent structures essential for motive force generation in contraction processes in non-muscle cells.

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