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Biochemistry. 1976 Feb 10;15(3):505-8.

Sequence homologies in mammalian 5.8S ribosomal RNA.


Oligonucleotide products of complete pancreatic or T1 RNase digestion or partial T1 RNase digestion of HeLa cell (human) and MPC-11 cell (mouse) 5.8S rRNA are identical with those obtained from Novikoff hepatoma (rat) 5.8S rRNA except for minor differences at the termini. pCp is the only major 5' terminus of both human and mouse RNAs; both pGp and pCp 5' termini were found in rat 5.8S RNA. Furthermore, HeLa cells contain C-U-U at the 3' end rather than the C-U terminus of mouse and rat. The results indicate that the nucleotide sequence has been highly conserved during the evolution of mammals and suggest that, as reported for 5S rRNA, this sequence is essentially constant throughout the Mammalia.

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