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J Protein Chem. 2002 Oct;21(7):435-41.

Structure and nucleotide sequence of Euphorbia characias copper/TPQ-containing amine oxidase gene.

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Department of Sciences Applied to Biosystems, University of Cagliari, Cagliari, Italy.


A cDNA encoding for a copper containing amine oxidase has been isolated and sequenced from young leaves of Euphorbia characias, a perennial mediterranean shrub. A single long open reading frame of 2068 pb encodes a protein composed of 653 amino acids with a molecular mass of about 74 kDa. A putative 24-aminoacid signal peptide precedes the sequence of the mature protein, with characteristics of a secretion signal peptide. Alignments of Euphorbia amine oxidase cDNA nucleotide sequence with that of amine oxidase from the seedlings of the pulses lentil, pea, and chickpea reveal several conserved regions, especially in the C-terminus, with a homology 90%-97%. The near 5' region shows several insertions, deletions, and different nucleotide sequence with ca. 60% homology. The enzyme contains 1%-2% carbohydrate deduced by deglycosylation experiments. Five cysteine residues are present in the deduced aminoacid sequence with a single disulfide bridge as judged by titration with cysteine reagents.

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