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Br J Pharmacol. 2003 Jan;138(1):161-71.

Inhibition of hEAG1 and hERG1 potassium channels by clofilium and its tertiary analogue LY97241.

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Research Unit Molecular and Cellular Biophysics, Medical Faculty of the Friedrich Schiller University-Jena, Drackendorfer Strasse 1, D-07747 Jena, Germany.


1 We investigated the inhibition of hEAG1 potassium channels, expressed in mammalian cells and Xenopus oocytes, by several blockers that have previously been reported to be blockers of hERG1 channels. 2 In the whole-cell mode of mammalian cells, LY97241 was shown to be a potent inhibitor of both hEAG1 and hERG1 channels (IC(50) of 4.9 and 2.2 nM, respectively). Clofilium, E4031, and haloperidol apparently inhibited hEAG1 channels with lower potency than hERG1 channels, but they cannot be considered hERG1-specific. 3 The block of hEAG1 channels by LY97241 and clofilium was time-, use-, and voltage-dependent, best explained by an open-channel block mechanism. 4 Both drugs apparently bind from the intracellular side of the membrane at (a) specific site(s) within the central cavity of the channel pore. They can be trapped by closure of the activation gate. 5 In inside-out patches from Xenopus oocytes, hEAG1 block by clofilium was stronger than by LY97241 (IC(50) of 0.8 and 1.9 nM, respectively). In addition, hEAG1 block by clofilium was much faster than by LY97241 although there was no difference in the voltage dependence of the on-rate of block. 6 Physico-chemical differences of clofilium and the weak base LY97241 determine the access of the drugs to the binding site and thereby the influence of the recording mode on the apparent block potencies. This phenomenon must be considered when assessing the inhibitory action of drugs on ion channels.

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