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Association study between CAG trinucleotide repeats in the PCQAP gene (PC2 glutamine/Q-rich-associated protein) and schizophrenia.

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IRCCS-CSS San Giovanni Rotondo, Rome, Italy.


Schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorders are quite common features in patients with DiGeorge/velocardiofacial syndrome (DGS/VCFS) as a result of hemizygosity of chromosome 22q11.2. We evaluated the PCQAP gene, which maps within the DGS/VCFS interval, as a potential candidate for schizophrenia susceptibility. PCQAP encodes for a subunit of the large multiprotein complex PC2, which exhibits a coactivator function in RNA polymerase II mediated transcription. Using a case-control study, we searched association between schizophrenia and the intragenic coding trinucleotide polymorphism. The distribution of the CAG repeat alleles was significantly different between patients and controls with the Mann-Whitney test (z = -2.5694, P = 0.0051; schizophrenics: n = 378, W = 161,002.5, Mean rank = 425.9325; controls: n = 444, W = 177,250.5, Mean rank = 399.2128). This result may indicate a possible involvement of the multiprotein complex PC2 in schizophrenia susceptibility.

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