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J Immunol. 2003 Jan 1;170(1):228-35.

In vivo augmentation of tumor-specific CTL responses by class I/peptide antigen complexes on microspheres (large multivalent immunogen).

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Center for Immunology, Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 55455, USA.


Tumor membrane Ag immobilized on cell size microspheres (large multivalent immunogen (LMI)) was previously shown to augment tumor-specific CTL activity and reduce tumor growth, and a clinical trial examining this approach is in progress. In the current study, LMI treatment has been examined using adoptive transfer of TCR-transgenic CD8 T cells to visualize Ag-specific cells during the response. OT-I T cells specific for H-2K(b)/OVA(257-264) were transferred into mice that were then challenged with LMI made by immobilizing H-2K(b)/OVA(257-264) on microspheres (K(b)/OVA(257-264)-LMI) alone, or along with i.p. challenge with OVA-expressing E.G7 tumor. K(b)/OVA(257-264)-LMI caused significant reduction of tumor growth when administered to E.G7-bearing mice. When administered alone, the K(b)/OVA(257-264)-LMI caused only weak clonal expansion of OT-I cells in the spleen and lymph nodes, although most of the OT-I cells up-regulated expression of CD44 and VLA-4. In contrast, K(b)/OVA(257-264)-LMI administration to E.G7-bearing mice stimulated no detectable expansion of OT-I cells in the spleen and lymph nodes but caused a rapid increase in the number of OT-I cells in the peritoneal cavity, the site of the growing tumor. These results demonstrate the potential for using class I/tumor peptide complexes for immunotherapy. In addition, they suggest a model for the mechanism of CTL augmentation in which recognition of the LMI Ag results in altered trafficking of the tumor-specific CD8 T cells so that they reach the site of a growing tumor more rapidly and in greater numbers, where they may further expand and acquire effector function.

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