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Trends Parasitol. 2002 Dec;18(12):540-6.

The endocytic apparatus of the kinetoplastida. Part II: machinery and components of the system.

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Wellcome Trust Laboratories for Molecular Parasitology, Dept of Biological Sciences, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London, UK.


Endocytic systems within eukaryotic cells are a diverse set of intracellular transport pathways responsible for uptake, recycling, interaction with the exocytic system and degradation of molecules. Each of these pathways requires the interaction of distinct protein components that function in macromolecule sorting, control of transport rates and in membrane biogenesis. In the second of two articles on kinetoplastida endocytosis, the endocytic system in Trypanosoma brucei is considered as a model, and the molecules that control this system and the protein components of the endocytic pathway are discussed. We also consider novel mechanisms for sorting that have been proposed to operate in trypanosomes.

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