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Microb Ecol. 2003 Jan;45(1):53-62. Epub 2002 Dec 17.

Two endophytic fungi in different tissues of scots pine buds (Pinus sylvestris L.).

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Department of Biology/Botany, University of Oulu, P. O. Box 3000, FIN-90014 Oulu, Finland.


Two fungal species were isolated with different frequencies from pine tissue cultures originating from buds. One species was detected in 33.1% of the cultures initiated in March, and another was present in 1.7% of cultures initiated in June. Based on analyses of phylogenetic and physiological characteristics these fungi were identified as Hormonema dematioides (isolated in March) and Rhodotorula minuta (isolated in June). Probes targeted towards the 18S rRNA of H. dematioides and R. minuta were made. When in situ hybridizations were performed on pine bud tissue, R. minuta was detected inside the cells of meristematic tissue in 40% of the samples, in contrast to H. dematioides, which was not found in this tissue. Using light microscopy, H. dematioides was found to be localized in the scale tissues of the buds. Fungal endophytes have previously been detected in scale tissues, but not in the meristematic tissues of buds. The habitats of these fungi may reflect their different roles in the plant.

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