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EMBO Rep. 2002 Dec;3(12):1152-7. Epub 2002 Nov 21.

T-DNA integration into the Arabidopsis genome depends on sequences of pre-insertion sites.

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URGV, UMR en Génomique Végétale, INRA/CNRS/Université Evry-Val d'Essonne, France.


A statistical analysis of 9000 flanking sequence tags characterizing transferred DNA (T-DNA) transformants in Arabidopsis sheds new light on T-DNA insertion by illegitimate recombination. T-DNA integration is favoured in plant DNA regions with an A-T-rich content. The formation of a short DNA duplex between the host DNA and the left end of the T-DNA sets the frame for the recombination. The sequence immediately downstream of the plant A-T-rich region is the master element for setting up the DNA duplex, and deletions into the left end of the integrated T-DNA depend on the location of a complementary sequence on the T-DNA. Recombination at the right end of the T-DNA with the host DNA involves another DNA duplex, 2-3 base pairs long, that preferentially includes a G close to the right end of the T-DNA.

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