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Neurosci Lett. 2002 Dec 6;334(1):45-8.

The extracellular current blocking effect of cesium chloride on the theta wave in the rabbit hippocampal CA1 region.

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Division of Neurology, Department of Pediatrics, The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto,Ontario M5G 1X8, Canada.


We studied the extracellular effects of cesium chloride (CsCl), a blocker of the hyperpolarization-activated cationic current (I(h)), on the hippocampal theta wave in pentobarbital-anesthetized rabbits. We recorded spontaneous field potentials at the hippocampal CA1 region before and at three time periods after CsCl or saline injections. We found that CsCl injected into the apical dendritic layer attenuated the theta wave amplitude. CsCl affected neither the frequency nor the phase reversal of the theta wave between the apical and basal dendritic layers. Our findings indicate that I(h) in pyramidal neurons contributes to current generation of the limbic theta wave in vivo.

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