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Cell. 2002 Nov 1;111(3):419-31.

Stable association of mitotic cyclin B/Cdc2 to replication origins prevents endoreduplication.

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Division of Yeast Genetics, National Institute for Medical Research, The Ridgeway, Mill Hill, London NW7 1AA, United Kingdom.


We show that in fission yeast the mitotic B type cyclin Cdc13/Cdc2 kinase associates with replication origins in vivo. This association is dependent on the origin recognition complex (ORC), is established as chromosomes are replicated, and is maintained during G2 and early mitosis. Cells expressing an orp2 (ORC2) allele that reduces binding of Cdc13 to replication origins are acutely prone to chromosomal reduplication. In synchronized endoreduplicating cells, following Cdc13 ablation, replication origins are coordinately licensed prior to each successive round of S phase with the same periodicity as in a normal cell cycle. Thus, ORC bound mitotic Cyclin B/Cdc2 kinase imposes the dependency of S phase on an intervening mitosis but not the temporal licensing of replication origins between each S phase.

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