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Dev Cell. 2002 Oct;3(4):547-55.

The newt ortholog of CD59 is implicated in proximodistal identity during amphibian limb regeneration.

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  • 1Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University College London, United Kingdom.


The proximodistal identity of a newt limb regeneration blastema is respecified by exposure to retinoic acid, but its molecular basis is unclear. We identified from a differential screen the cDNA for Prod 1, a gene whose expression in normal and regenerating limbs is regulated by proximodistal location and retinoic acid: Prod 1 is the newt ortholog of CD59. Prod 1/CD59 was found to be located at the cell surface with a GPI anchor which is cleaved by PIPLC. A proximal newt limb blastema engulfs a distal blastema after juxtaposition in culture, and engulfment is specifically blocked by PIPLC, and by affinity-purified antibodies to two distinct Prod 1/CD59 peptides. Prod 1 is therefore a cell surface protein implicated in the local cell-cell interactions mediating positional identity.

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