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Mol Neurobiol. 2002 Aug;26(1):117-35.

Targeted trafficking of neurotransmitter receptors to synaptic sites.

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Biologie Cellulaire des Membranes, Institut Jacques Monod, UMR 7592, CNRS/Université Paris 6, France.


Emerging data are sheding light on the critical task for synapses to locally control the production of neurotransmitter receptors ultimately leading to receptor accumulation and modulation at postsynaptic sites. By analogy with the epithelial-cell paradigm, the postsynaptic compartment may be regarded as a polarized domain favoring the selective recruitment and retention of newly delivered receptors at synaptic sites. Targeted delivery of receptors to synaptic sites is facilitated by a local organization of the exocytic pathway, likely resulting from spatial cues triggered by the nerve. This review focuses on the various mechanisms responsible for regulation of receptor assembly and trafficking. A particular emphasis is given to the role of synaptic anchoring and scaffolding proteins in the sorting and routing of their receptor companion along the exocytic pathway. Other cellular components such as lipidic microdomains, the docking and fusion machinery, and the cytoskeleton also contribute to the dynamics of receptor trafficking at the synapse.

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