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Genomics. 2002 Oct;80(4):433-42.

A novel brain-expressed protein related to carnitine palmitoyltransferase I.

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Hannah Research Institute, Ayr, KA6 5HL, UK.


Malonyl-CoenzymeA acts as a fuel sensor, being both an intermediate of fatty acid synthesis and an inhibitor of the two known isoforms of carnitine palmitoyltransferase I (CPT I), which control mitochondrial fatty acid oxidation. We describe here a novel CPT1 family member whose mRNA is present predominantly in brain and testis. Chromosomal locations and genome organization are reported for the mouse and human genes. The protein sequence contains all the residues known to be important for both carnitine acyltransferase activity and malonyl-CoA binding in other family members. Yeast expressed protein has no detectable catalytic activity with several different acyl-CoA esters that are good substrates for other carnitine acyltransferases, including the liver isoform of CPT I, which is also expressed in brain; however, it displays high-affinity malonyl-CoA binding. Thus this new CPT I related protein may be specialized for the metabolism of a distinct class of fatty acids involved in brain function.

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