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Neurochem Res. 2002 Aug;27(7-8):823-9.

Association of GPI-anchored protein TAG-1 with src-family kinase Lyn in lipid rafts of cerebellar granule cells.

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Department of Biochemical Cell Research, The Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science, Tokyo Metropolitan Organization for Medical Research, Japan.


We have demonstrated that antibody-mediated crosslinking of GPI-anchored TAG-1 induced activation of src-family kinase Lyn and rapid tyrosine phosphorylation of an 80-kDa protein (p80), a putative substrate for Lyn, in the lipid raft fraction prepared from primary cerebellar cultures, suggesting the functional association of TAG-1 with Lyn in lipid rafts of the rat cerebellum. In this study, the association was confirmed using a cDNA expression system. TAG-1-expressing CHO transfectants exhibited enhanced self-aggregation and promoted neurite outgrowth of primary cerebellar cultures as a culture substrate. The anti-TAG-1 antibody co-immunoprecipitated Lyn with TAG-1 and induced co-patching of TAG-1 with Lyn in both TAG-1 and Lyn-expressing CHO transfectants. Density gradient analysis revealed that TAG-1 is present in the lipid raft fraction of the CHO transfectants. Furthermore, pretreatment with a sphingolipid biosynthesis inhibitor ISP-1 reduced the extent of tyrosine phosphorylation of p80 by the antibody-mediated crosslinking of TAG-1. Immunocytochemical study showed that both TAG-1 and Lyn are present in cerebellar granule cells. These observations suggest that TAG-1 associates with Lyn in lipid rafts of rat cerebellar granule cells.

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