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Vet Dermatol. 2002 Oct;13(5):253-60.

Follicular dysplasia in five Weimaraners.

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Cabinet de dermatologie vétérinaire, Héliopolis B3, avenue de magudas, F-33700 Bordeaux - Mérignac, France.


This study evaluated the clinical and histopathological features and results of light and electron scanning microscopy assessments of follicular dysplasia in five Weimar Pointers. The data were compared with those obtained in three normal Weimaraners. In our study, this dermatosis affected young adults that showed progressive alopecia of the trunk (head and limbs were spared) associated with recurrent folliculitis/furunculosis. Exclusion of other dermatoses and the presence of histopathological lesions and hair shafts abnormalities seen in light and/or scanning electron microscopy similar to colour dilution alopecia led to the diagnosis of follicular dysplasia. The lesions we observed are the same as those described previously in colour dilution alopecia, but they were less pronounced in all our samples.

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