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Ingu Pogon Nonjip. 1985 Dec;5(2):3-18.

[Estimation of birth rates for Korea during 1970-1980 through Preston's technique].

[Article in Korean]



This paper estimates Korean birth rates during the periods 1970-1975 and 1975-1980. The ressults are compared to existing estimates constructed by several researchers. The parameter representing adult mortality is also estimated and through this, life tables for females aged 5 and above are constructed. Data are taken from the 1970, 1975, and 1980 population census reports on age disttibution. The important advantage of this method is that it provides fairly robust estimates of birth rates in the presence of various forms of error in the age distribution usually found in developing countries. The estimated Korean total birth rate is 27.7 for 1970-1975, and 23.3 for 1975-1980 per thousand poulation. Comparing these results with other estimates, this method provides quite reasonable results on birth rates. Life expectancy at age 5 of 64 for 1970-1975, and 64.7 for 1975-1980 are obtained--a little less than that of official values published by the National Bureau of Statistics Econonomic Planning Board. This is due to high mortality rates of females aged 5 and younger. This affects the value of p* significantly, a parameter of mortality in the paper.

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