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J Obstet Gynaecol India. 1959 Sep;10(1):62-70.

An analysis of 1150 cases of abortions from the Government R.S.R.M. Lying-in Hospital, Madras.



The Government R.S.R.M. Lying-in Hospital is located in one of the poorest sections of Madras, India, where the abortion rate is very high. The total number of complete abortions during the period, October 1957-November 1958, is 1150; the total number of deliveries including abortions is 10,367, an incidence rate of 11.09%. Of the 1150 cases, 789 (68.61%) were early abortions, up to 12 weeks; 361 (31.39%) were late, from the 13th to 28th week. An analysis of 1000 spontaneous abortions by Simons found that about 75% occurred before the 12th week. 758 abortions were performed on women aged 21-30; 204 occurred among those 31-40. 253 (22%) were primary abortions, i.e. the first pregnancy ended in an abortion and 897 (78%) were secondary abortions, i.e. there were 1 or more viable pregnancies before the abortion. Fetal death may be caused by abnormalities of the ovum, genital tract, or general maternal causes, or rare paternal causes. No cause could be found in 549 (47.74%) cases, but an associated abnormality was found in 601 (52.25%) cases. In 518 cases a single factor caused the abortion; in 83 cases more than a single etiological factor was found. There were 89 habitual aborters (7.74%). 19 of these were primary and 70 were secondary abortions.

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