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Chin J Popul Sci. 1996;8(3):239-47.

Sustainable development of population and resources.



China has experienced increased income, urbanization, and changes in consumption. Although per capita consumption in China is low, during 1978-94 China shifted from 5th to 2nd in steel output, 3rd to 1st in coal output, 8th to 5th in petroleum output, 7th to 2nd in power generation, 8th to 1st in output of TVs, and 1st since 1990 in grain, meat, and cotton output. The author states that the rising standard of living proposed by the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee has consequences for the consumption of resources and poses a conflict between population and resource scarcity. The author concludes from a review of the literature that sustainable development is the foundation of any society. Sustainable development also must allow for the prosperity of future generations, while alleviating poverty. Sustainable development means a balance between population and resources. Regional, country, and family boundaries demarcate resource ownership and pose a threat to a rational exploitation and use of resources. International trade is meant to solve imbalances between resources and development. Development translates into the material transformation of resources. The author defines resources as all materials--natural, man-made, or social--that have value. Natural resources are nonrenewable, renewable, and perpetual resources, and scarcity applies to all three groups. Although there are abundant resources in China, there are arable land, mineral, and forest shortages. There are also shortages in the general structure of resources, the structural shortage of similar resources, and structural shortages of conditions and technology for resource exploitation. China has a population surplus and has not reached a stable state of natural increase. Population pressure on resources stems from population size and per capita resource consumption.

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