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IPPF Med Bull. 1984 Aug;18(4):2-3.

Family planning--the role of the nurse/midwife in Britain in 1984.



This article details the role of family planning nurses and midwives in the British health services today. They receive their training from Family Planning Association nurses in English National Board Course 900, Family Planning Nursing. This course, extending over a 3-month period, is now conducted in 37 centers. 7363 family planning nurses and midwives have received the Statement of Competence since 1976, when the former Joint Board of Clinical Nursing Studies 1st approved the course. The course provides personnel with a thorough background in birth control methods, counseling skills, and recognition of medical conditions. Ongoing education is provided through 1-day courses organized by the employing authority. Extended training also enables nurses and midwives to check and remove IUDs, fit occlusive caps, conduct routine pelvic examinations, and refer abnormal findings to physicians. At present, it is not within the scope of the role of nurses and midwives to prescribe hormonal contraception. Family planning is an area of medicine where well trained nurses and midwives can play an especially important role, freeing up physicians to concentrate on the more complicated cases. International exchange visits could provide family planning nurses and midwives with a better understanding of population planning issues in other areas of the world.

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