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Exp Cell Res. 2002 Oct 1;279(2):260-70.

The localization of nuclear DNA helicase II in different nuclear compartments is linked to transcription.

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Department of Cell Ultrastructure and Molecular Biology, Institute of Experimental Medicine, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague, Czech Republic.


Nuclear DNA helicase II (NDH II) is a member of the DEAH superfamily of helicases and functions as a pre-mRNA- and mRNA-binding protein in human cells. Here we report for the first time that human NDH II is associated with the nucleolus of transformed and nontransformed cells as shown by immunofluorescence and by ultrastructural studies. When RNA polymerase II (POL II) transcription is inhibited, NDH II highly accumulates in the nucleolus and shows predominant association with subdomains in DFC and in a portion of GC attached to DFC. Furthermore, these subdomains completely co-localize with mRNA-binding protein TLS. In addition, we show that nucleolar accumulation of NDH II is closely related to G(0)-phase growth arrest in human fibroblasts. Thus, the nucleolar localization of NDH II depends upon the metabolic state of the cell. Based on the data we propose that NDH II operates in both nucleoplasmic and nucleolar mode, and that its redistribution reflects accumulations indicating a possible cycling of NDH II between nucleoplasm and the nucleolus. The nucleolus can serve as a temporary storage or recycling center for NDH II. Possible functions of NDH II in pre-rRNA biogenesis, or in nucleolar mRNA metabolism, are also discussed.

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