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Am J Med Genet. 2002 Sep 15;112(1):6-11.

FG syndrome: linkage analysis in two families supporting a new gene localization at Xp22.3 [FGS3].

Author information

Service de Génétique, CHU Bretonneau, Tours, France.


FG syndrome (OMIM 305450) is an X-linked condition comprising mental retardation, congenital hypotonia, constipation or anal malformations, and a distinctive appearance with disproportionately large head, tall and broad forehead, cowlicks and telecanthus. In a first linkage analysis carried out on 10 families, we demonstrated heterogeneity and assigned one gene [FGS1] to region Xq12-q21.31 [Briault et al., 1997: Am J Med Genet 73:87-90] corroborated by Graham et al. [1998: Am J Med Genet 80:145-156]. Heterogeneity was supported by the study of one family with apparent FG syndrome co-segregating with an inversion of X chromosome [inv(X)(q11q28)] ([FGS2], OMIM 300321) [Briault et al., 1999: Am J Med Genet 86:112-114 and Briault et al., 2000: Am J Med Genet 95:178-181]. We present the results of a new linkage analysis carried out on two families with FG syndrome. The two earlier known loci for FG syndrome, FGS1 and FGS2 (Xq11 or Xq28) were excluded by multipoint analysis of both families. Linkage was found, however, with locus DXS1060 suggesting that a third FG locus might be located at Xp22.3. In this region, two potential candidate genes, VCX-A and PRKX, were excluded by sequence analysis of the coding region in patients of the two reported FG families. The search for new candidate genes is in progress.

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