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Med Hypotheses. 2002 Sep;59(3):334-6.

The ratio of 2nd to 4th digit length: a proxy for transactivation activity of the androgen receptor gene?

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  • 1School of Biological Sciences, University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK.


The androgen receptor gene (AR) contains a domain which includes a variable number of CAG sequences and alleles with low numbers of CAG repeats show high transactivation activity when complexed with testosterone. The ratio of 2nd and 4th digit length (2D:4D) is negatively correlated with phenotypic effects of testosterone. Low numbers of CAG repeats and low 2D:4D are both associated with high sperm numbers and protection against breast cancer. This suggests that CAG number and 2D:4D are correlated i.e. low CAG number and low 2D:4D indicate high activation of androgen-responsive genes. Findings from AR studies predict that low 2D:4D will be associated with prostate and hepatocellular cancer, urolithiasis, ADHD, ankylosing spondylitis, spontaneous abortion, and polycystic ovaries, while high 2D:4D will be associated with motor neuron diseases and endometrial cancer. Findings from 2D:4D studies predict that short CAG length will be common in autism and Asperger's syndrome, while high numbers of CAG repeats will be found in men who are prone to early myocardial infarction.

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