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Curr Microbiol. 2002 Oct;45(4):233-9.

Analysis of the genome of the moderate halophile Halomonas eurihalina.

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Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Granada, 18071 Granada, Spain.


We have studied the genomic organization of Halomonas eurihalina, a moderately halophilic bacterium that produces an anionic exopolysaccharide with a potentially wide range of applications in industry. To estimate the genome size of strain F2-7, large restriction fragments of genomic DNA were separated by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis. According to the average size of the resolved restriction fragments, the genome size of H. eurihalina strain F2-7 was estimated to be around 2500 kb. The physical map of the chromosome for the endonuclease SwaI has been constructed. The F2-7 strain has two plasmids, pVE1 and pVE2, and in this study we have isolated three new plasmids, pVE3, pVE4, and pVE5, of 5.3, 16, and 6.5 kb, respectively, from strains H-1, H-217, and H-236 of H. eurihalina. We have characterized these plasmids and constructed their physical maps. Curing experiments produced no evidence for the involvement of these plasmids in the expression of the mucous phenotype.

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