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Mol Cell. 2002 Aug;10(2):373-85.

Recovery from checkpoint-mediated arrest after repair of a double-strand break requires Srs2 helicase.

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Rosenstiel Center and Department of Biology, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA 02454, USA.


In Saccharomyces strains in which homologous recombination is delayed sufficiently to activate the DNA damage checkpoint, Rad53p checkpoint kinase activity appears 1 hr after DSB induction and disappears soon after completion of repair. Cells lacking Srs2p helicase fail to recover even though they apparently complete DNA repair; Rad53p kinase remains activated. srs2Delta cells also fail to adapt when DSB repair is prevented. The recovery defect of srs2Delta is suppressed in mec1Delta strains lacking the checkpoint or when DSB repair occurs before checkpoint activation. Permanent preanaphase arrest of srs2Delta cells is reversed by the addition of caffeine after cells have arrested. Thus, in addition to its roles in recombination, Srs2p appears to be needed to turn off the DNA damage checkpoint.

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