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Angle Orthod. 2002 Aug;72(4):316-23.

An improved version of the cervical vertebral maturation (CVM) method for the assessment of mandibular growth.

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Department of Orthodontics, The University of Florence, Italy.


The present study aimed to provide a version of the Cervical Vertebral Maturation (CVM) method for the detection of the peak in mandibular growth based on the analysis of the second through fourth cervical vertebrae in a single cephalogram. The morphology of the bodies of the second (odontoid process, C2), third (C3), and fourth (C4) cervical vertebrae were analyzed in six consecutive cephalometric observations (T1 through T6) of 30 orthodontically untreated subjects. Observations for each subject consisted of two consecutive cephalograms comprising the interval of maximum mandibular growth (as assessed by means of the maximum increment in total mandibular length, Co-Gn), together with two earlier consecutive cephalograms and two later consecutive cephalograms. The analysis consisted of both visual and cephalometric appraisals of morphological characteristics of the three cervical vertebrae. The construction of the new version of the CVM method was based on the results of both ANOVA for repeated measures with post-hoc Scheffé's test (P < .05) and discriminant analysis. The new CVM method presents with five maturational stages (Cervical Vertebral Maturation Stage [CVMS] I through CVMS V, instead of Cvs 1 through Cvs 6 in the former CVM method). The peak in mandibular growth occurs between CVMS II and CVMS III, and it has not been reached without the attainment of both CVMS I and CVMS II. CVMS V is recorded at least two years after the peak. The advantages of the new version of the CVM method are that mandibular skeletal maturity can be appraised on a single cephalogram and through the analysis of only the second, third, and fourth cervical vertebrae, which usually are visible even when a protective radiation collar is worn.

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