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Plant J. 2002 Aug;31(3):279-92.

Monitoring the expression profiles of 7000 Arabidopsis genes under drought, cold and high-salinity stresses using a full-length cDNA microarray.

Author information

Plant Mutation Exploration Team, Plant Functional Genomics Research Group, RIKEN Genomic Sciences Center, 3-1-1 Koyadai, Tsukuba 305-0074, Japan.


Full-length cDNAs are essential for functional analysis of plant genes in the post-sequencing era of the Arabidopsis genome. Recently, cDNA microarray analysis has been developed for quantitative analysis of global and simultaneous analysis of expression profiles. We have prepared a full-length cDNA microarray containing approximately 7000 independent, full-length cDNA groups to analyse the expression profiles of genes under drought, cold (low temperature) and high-salinity stress conditions over time. The transcripts of 53, 277 and 194 genes increased after cold, drought and high-salinity treatments, respectively, more than fivefold compared with the control genes. We also identified many highly drought-, cold- or high-salinity- stress-inducible genes. However, we observed strong relationships in the expression of these stress-responsive genes based on Venn diagram analysis, and found 22 stress-inducible genes that responded to all three stresses. Several gene groups showing different expression profiles were identified by analysis of their expression patterns during stress-responsive gene induction. The cold-inducible genes were classified into at least two gene groups from their expression profiles. DREB1A was included in a group whose expression peaked at 2 h after cold treatment. Among the drought, cold or high-salinity stress-inducible genes identified, we found 40 transcription factor genes (corresponding to approximately 11% of all stress-inducible genes identified), suggesting that various transcriptional regulatory mechanisms function in the drought, cold or high-salinity stress signal transduction pathways.

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