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Med Microbiol Immunol. 1975 Dec 30;162(1):9-14.

Plaque assay and primary isolation of influenza A viruses in an established line of canine kidney cells (MDCK) in the presence of trypsin.


A wide variety of influenza A viruses, comprising human, equine, porcine, and avian strains, grew productively in an established line of canine kidney cells (MDCK) under an overlay medium containing trypsin, and formed well-defined plaques regardless of their prior passage history. Plaquing efficiency was comparable to the efficiency of infection in fertile eggs via allantoic route. MDCK cells have also been successfully employed for the primary isolation of influenza A virus from throat washings of patients. Parallel titration of several clinical specimens showed that the inoculation into MDCK cells followed by incubation in the presence of trypsin was an isolation procedure as sensitive as the amniotic inoculation into fertile eggs.

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