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Neuropsychology. 2002 Jul;16(3):390-9.

Coding of far and near space during walking in neglect patients.

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Dipartimento di Psicologia, Università di Torino, Italy.


Previous studies have shown that far space can be remapped as near when reached by a stick that artificially prolongs the participants' personal space. In the present study, the authors asked whether a similar remapping occurs when far space is reached not by using a tool but by locomotion. Neglect patients showed more severe neglect in far than in near space in bisection tasks executed from different distances either by pointing to a target line with a projection light pen or by walking across the line. A kinematic study of the walking performance of one of those neglect patients showed that, contrary to the prediction of remapping during locomotion, the walking trajectories were rectilinear. The authors interpreted these results as evidence that in their patients-at least for short, linear trajectories-no remapping of space took place during locomotion. The location of far objects was coded at the beginning of the movement, and the error in the bisection computation was generated within the 1st representation that was activated.

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