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Int J Cancer. 2002 Jun 20;99(6):834-8.

Analysis of mutations and identification of several polymorphisms in the putative promoter region of the P34CDC2-related CDC2L1 gene located at 1P36 in melanoma cell lines and melanoma families.

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Arizona Cancer Center, Tucson, AZ 85724, USA.

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  • Int J Cancer 2002 Aug 20;100(6):733-4.


Chromosome 1 abnormalities are the most commonly detected aberrations in many cancers including malignant melanoma. Partial deletions and an allelic loss of the chromosome 1p36 region observed in melanoma indicate the presence of putative tumor suppressor gene(s) in this region. A candidate gene, CDC2L1, which encodes PITSLRE proteins related to p34(cdc2), is mapped to 1p36. To determine whether CDC2L1 mutation is involved in melanoma development, we examined 20 melanoma cell lines and 11 members of melanoma-prone families linked to chromosome 1p36. Mutation analysis throughout the entire coding region of the CDC2L1 gene revealed only 1 mutation (C-->T at nucleotide location 97 of exon 7, Ser-->Leu) in the melanoma cell line UACC 903 out of 20 melanoma cell lines and 6 melanoma cases. However, 4 polymorphic nucleotide changes, C-48T, G-53C, T-103C and T-210C, in the putative promoter region of CDC2L1 were identified. The 4 variants were located within or beside the conserved binding sites of transcription factors TCF11, MZF1 and TAAC box, indicating their potential effects on the regulation of CDC2L1 expression. No aberrant methylation of the CDC2L1 CpG island in the promoter region was observed by sodium bisulfite genomic sequencing. These results indicate that mutations are rare in the CDC2L1 gene in these melanoma cell lines and melanoma families and that the aberrant cytosine methylation of the CDC2L1 CpG island is not the mechanism of CDC2L1 repression in melanoma. The contribution of 4 promoter polymorphisms to the transcriptional regulation of the gene and its association with melanoma warrants further investigation.

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