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Placenta. 2002 May;23(5):410-5.

Adeno-associated virus DNA in human gestational trophoblastic disease.

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Angewandte Tumorvirologie, Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum, Heidelberg, Germany.


Previous studies had shown a correlation between infection with the human adeno-associated virus (AAV) and spontaneous abortion in early pregnancy. Furthermore, AAV DNA had been detected in cells of the human trophoblast lines, Jeg-3, JAr, and BeWo, in cells of the human amnion line, FL, and in trophoblasts from amnion fluids. Infectious AAV virions could be isolated from amnion fluids. To further analyse AAV infection during pregnancy, we tested material from Gestational Trophoblastic Disease for the presence of AAV DNA. With 63 tissue samples from patients from Brazil, including 49 hydatiform moles and 14 choriocarcinomas, nested PCR was performed to detect the presence of AAV DNA. In addition, 15 samples from spontaneous abortions were analysed. AAV DNA was found in 43 samples (28/49 hydatiform moles, 4/14 choriocarcinomas, 11/15 miscarriage material). These findings confirm AAV infection of embryo-derived tissue in humans and further suggest a role of AAV in miscarriage and trophoblastic disease.

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