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Mol Biol Cell. 2002 Jun;13(6):2106-19.

Novel ATPase of SNF2-like protein family interacts with androgen receptor and modulates androgen-dependent transcription.

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Biomedicum Helsinki, Institute of Biomedicine, University of Helsinki and Helsinki University Central Hospital, Fin-00014 Helsinki, Finland.


Nuclear receptors, including the androgen receptor (AR), regulate target cell transcription through interaction with auxiliary proteins to modify chromatin structure. We describe herein a novel AR-interacting protein, termed ARIP4, that has structural features typical of the SNF2-like protein family. With regard to the Snf2 domain, the closest homolog of ARIP4 is the ATRX protein. ARIP4 is a nuclear protein and comprises 1466 amino acids. It interacts with AR in vitro and in cultured yeast and mammalian cells. ARIP4 can be labeled with 8-azido-[gamma-32P]ATP and exhibits DNA-dependent ATPase activity. Like several ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling proteins, ARIP4 generates superhelical torsion within linear DNA fragments in an ATP-dependent manner. With a stably integrated target promoter, ARIP4 elicits a modest enhancement of AR-dependent transactivation. In transient cotransfection assays, ARIP4 modulates AR function in a promoter-dependent manner; it enhances receptor activity on minimal promoters, but does not activate more complex promoters. ARIP4 mutants devoid of ATPase activity fail to alter DNA topology and behave as trans-dominant negative regulators of AR function in transient assays.

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