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Nature. 2002 Jun 6;417(6889):653-6.

Annexin II light chain regulates sensory neuron-specific sodium channel expression.

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Department of Biology, University College London, Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT, UK.


The tetrodotoxin-resistant sodium channel Na(V)1.8/SNS is expressed exclusively in sensory neurons and appears to have an important role in pain pathways. Unlike other sodium channels, Na(V)1.8 is poorly expressed in cell lines even in the presence of accessory beta-subunits. Here we identify annexin II light chain (p11) as a regulatory factor that facilitates the expression of Na(V)1.8. p11 binds directly to the amino terminus of Na(V)1.8 and promotes the translocation of Na(V)1.8 to the plasma membrane, producing functional channels. The endogenous Na(V)1.8 current in sensory neurons is inhibited by antisense downregulation of p11 expression. Because direct association with p11 is required for functional expression of Na(V)1.8, disrupting this interaction may be a useful new approach to downregulating Na(V)1.8 and effecting analgesia.

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